The Most Adorable Animal Stories in 2019

The Most Adorable Animal Stories in 2019

This bear is the life of the party—the frat party, that is

Close up big brown bear in spring forestVolodymyr Burdiak/Shutterstock

Bears love human food, that's no secret, but it turns out they love our beverages too, including the alcoholic ones, as some unlucky campers discovered when a bear broke into their campsite and guzzled 36 cans of beer. How did they know it was a bear? Because he had passed out in a drunken stupor right next to his empties. "He only drank the Rainier and wouldn't drink the Busch beer," noted one camper, according to Animal Channel. Thankfully, rangers had a smart idea to get the bear out of the campground before his hangover turned him into an angry monster—they lured him out with another can of beer. Love hilarious animals? Check out 50 funny animal stories you need in your life.

Cat on a treadmill is all of us, really

What's-Up-With-That-Weird-Kneading-My-Cat-DoesNailia Schwarz/Shutterstock

An obese gray cat, aptly named Cinder-block, is doing what many people are this time of year: Embarking on a journey to lose weight and get fit. She's currently 22 pounds and her vet would like her to get down to 12 pounds, to help with her "joint issues." Even though it's for her own good, you can see the seething hatred on her face when placed on her kitty treadmill. She squishes herself into a corner and "walks" one paw on the belt while yelling at her humans. "Are you doing your workout?" the vet coos and she gives him a death glare. It's a feeling that so many of us can relate to, honestly. Cinder is pretty obvious but not all kitties are—do you know the 15 signs your cat is mad at you?

Birds can be buddies too

Hummingbird sitting on a branchDigital Masters Imaging/Shutterstock

Tough, tattooed, and burly, Mark Cardenaz is probably the last person you'd describe as "Dr. Doolittle" but that's exactly how friends describe the ex SWAT officer. So no one was surprised when he took in an injured hummingbird he found on his back porch, nursing "Buzz" back to health with Pedialyte and sugar for six weeks. But that's not where the story ends. After he released Buzz back into the wild he thought he'd never see his little buddy again but every year the bird flies from South America back to Cardenaz's home in Georgia and lands in his hand. This year, Cardenaz worried something had happened when Buzz didn't show up at his usual time but several weeks later, there he was, flitting around his head and begging for pets. Find out about the man who only adopts "unrescuable" dogs—he now has 21 pets!

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