Best Cute Pet Names for 2020

Best Cute Pet Names for 2020

Stan Lee

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The father of the comic book superhero universe, Stan Lee, was also a popular pet name in 2019. The name still has legs as a trend for 2020. About 12 percent of pet owners name their fur child after a famous or historical person. Stan Lee covers that category and also offers a perpetual homage to fans of the Marvel universe since it's the name of the recently-deceased man who started it all. Check out reasons why your cat is so obsessed with your keyboard.


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According to Rover, dessert-inspired names gained popularity. Super sweet names like Cake, Croissant, or Skittles make great girl/female cat names. However, Ellis recommends that you avoid names that sound too much like commands; so Hershey is cute, but Kit Kat could be confused with "sit." If you're looking for ways to communicate better with your pet, here's a handy guide for decoding 10 noises your cat makes from meows to purrs to whimpers.


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The Marvel Universe is a big influence for pet parents when it comes to picking cute pet names. Ellis explains that short, simple names generally work better for dogs. She offers that "a hard consonant sound in the name, such as 'c' or 'k,' helps dogs distinguish it from surrounding sounds." Fetch, Loki! Give this cute name a try! Here are 6 more secrets for getting your pet to behave better.

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