15 Random Trivia Facts You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

15 Random Trivia Facts You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Meow you know

CatEsin Deniz/Shutterstock

A cat version of a corgi exists. It's called a "Munchkin cat," and, like the corgi and the dachshund, its short legs and long body are the results of a genetic mutation. If a cat possesses the autosomal dominant gene, which causes the leg bones to grow shorter, it can pass the trait on to its kittens.

Berry confusing

Frozen raspberry, blueberry, cranberry on black background. Frozen fruit. Top view, flat lay, close up.Flaffy/Shutterstock

A banana is a berry, but a strawberry is not. This is because a "berry" is technically a fruit with three distinct layers—a thick outer one; a middle one containing most of the edible fruit; and an inner one that contains the seeds. The fruit also must come from a flower with only one ovary. By this classification, grapes are berries as well, but strawberries aren't. Botanists don't seem to be particularly beholden to this naming system. Learn some more science trivia facts that everyone gets wrong.

Keeping you posted

Central Park aerial view, Manhattan, New York; Park is surrounded by skyscraper T photography/Shutterstock

Lampposts in Central Park have numbers on them to help you keep track of where you are. If you're lost in the massive park, take a look at the nearest lamppost. There will be four numbers on it. The first two are the digits of the nearest numbered street, and the second two reveal whether you're on the east or west side of the park. Odd numbers reveal that you're on the west side of the park; even numbers signify east. The numbers have been there as long as the lampposts themselves—since the 19th century. New York isn't the only state that will blow your mind. Check out our favorite facts about every U.S. state.

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