15 Etiquette Rules That Changed in the Last Decade

15 Etiquette Rules That Changed in the Last Decade

Old rule: Baby showers are strictly for women

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"Even just ten years ago, baby showers were strictly considered a lady's celebration, for women to share experiences, games, and memories together," Parker says. But this is no longer a requirement! More and more often men are attending baby showers and they should, as they are taking more of an active parenting role than dads have in the past, she explains.

New rule: Invite anyone who is going to be a part of the baby's life to the shower, regardless of gender. Want to be the perfect house guest? Here are some tips to use when you're a guest in someone's home.

Old rule: A thank-you note must be handwritten

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Handwritten thank-you notes are still a lovely gesture and people often treasure and keep them. But taking the time to find a card, write it out, and post it can be tricky and the act of saying thank you is far more important than how you do it, Smith says.

New rule: For a quick thank-you, an email or text message are perfectly fine. However, if you're acknowledging something big, a handwritten note is worth the extra steps. "Thank you notes are a social grace that never goes out of style," she adds. Writing a quick thank you is one of the 33 simple etiquette rules that are easier to do than you think.

Old rule: The bride's family pays for the wedding

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Speaking of wedding traditions that the Great Recession demolished, it's no longer expected that a bride's family will pay for the wedding, Parker says. "Most new couples prefer to put an effort and save from their own money and enjoy the wedding the way they want to," she explains.

New rule: The couple is in charge of financing their nuptials although they are welcome to ask either family for financial help. Of course, as a guess, you're still required to RSVP and follow these other wedding etiquette rules.

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