Switch On Your Beast Mode With Animal Flow Workout

Switch On Your Beast Mode With Animal Flow Workout

You have wanted to build your strength, surge your level of flexibility and steadiness and enhance your endurance. The usual exercise and workouts movements, no longer seem to interest you. All you need is to tap into your inner animal. This is precisely where Animal Flow Workouts, a lively and self-motivating body-weight fitness system, comes into the picture.

Animal Flow Workouts are a chain of animal-styled movements that can be related together to form flows that are similar to yoga asanas or movements, except these moves, are more primitive and athletic. It is an exercise pattern for building strength, agility, and also aids in developing reasonable motor control. In the past couple of years, this form of energetic workout has gained tremendous popularity in the fitness domain. These series of somatic positions allied together in a fluid sequence enables one to move flawlessly from one position to another.

Matsya Stance

In this form of movement, one needs to stand upright and firmly on one leg. Start by bending the right leg upward behind and expand your left hand forward, showing the open palm. Now slowly turn the right side back.

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Duck Walk

In this form of exercise, your posture needs to be hip-width apart. Your toes need to be pointed slightly in the outward direction. This should be followed by lowering yourself in the squat position, wherein your thighs need to be parallel to the floor. Continue by taking steps ahead of one after the other. With almost no extension at the hip joint, your torso needs to be as straight as possible. Since the right amount of flexibility in your ankles is required in these movements, ensure that you have mobilized your ankles enough.

Gorilla Shuffle Forward

Get into the open squat position to perform this fitness activity. Both your hands need to be placed in between your legs while your palms need to touch the ground. Staying in the same position, you need to jump forward using the support of your hands, while your legs need to follow the same.

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Crab Walk

In this exercise, you should sit down on the floor in feet hip-width apart position. Now lift your butt off the ground, while keeping your arms extended, fingers facing towards your legs and core should be tight. They are holding the same position start to walk forward by moving your right leg trailed by the left hand. Ensure you don't drop your hips throughout the exercise.

Bunny Hops

You must get into the squat position wherein you are in a leg hip-width apart position. Your toes must be slightly outwards, and hands must be placed behind your neck. Note that your spine should be as straight as possible and now start jumping forward. The moment you land ahead in squat position ensure that your knees should move in the direction of your toes to lend your body enhanced stability.


In these animal workouts, you need to stand up straight with your legs being hips-width apart and both the toes being pointed straight. Ensure both your hands effortlessly touch the floor. Now slowly start moving forward on your palms till the time your body becomes as flat as a plank. You need to back in the same manner.


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