13 Weirdly Fascinating Facts About Jellyfish

13 Weirdly Fascinating Facts About Jellyfish

Jellies can get as big as blue whales

Jellyfish off the coast of SwedenDreamnord/Shutterstock

Melanie Roberts, Senior Aquarist at SeaWorld Orlando, says that the largest jellyfish in the world is a lion's mane jellyfish. The body of this beautiful bioluminescent orange jelly can grow up to three feet in diameter. With its 12,000 tentacles that can grow 120 feet long, Oceana.org adds that the lion's mane jelly compares in size to the planet's largest animal, the blue whale. Curious what the biggest fish in the sea is? It's the whale shark, and we bet that you probably don't know these 11 whale shark facts.

Jellyfish are mostly water

Two pink barrel jellyfish swimming in the dark waterkarnizz/Shutterstock

Regardless of their size, jellyfish are mostly made of water. In fact, they're about 95 percent water. Some more weird jellyfish facts? These creatures don't have brains, blood, or bones. And most jellyfish don't have eyes (but the deadly box jellies do). Jellyfish also use their mouths both for eating and for waste elimination. As Mackenzie Neale, jellyfish expert and Director of Animal Care at the Vancouver Aquarium, says, "when you only have a few organs, you need to make the most of each one!"

Jellyfish can also regenerate their tentacles, and can quickly grow and shrink their entire bodies depending on their food supply. One type of jellyfish is even immortal (more on that later). While most jellies live near the surface of the ocean, these are 13 of the weirdest deep-sea creatures lurking down below.

Box jellyfish are as bad as you've heard

Box JellyfishDanza/Shutterstock

National Geographic describes box jellyfish as one of the most advanced jellies in the ocean. Unlike most of their jellyfish cousins, box jellyfish not only have eyes—but sophisticated ones with a cornea, iris, lens, and retina. They don't, however, have a brain or central nervous system. Box jellyfish can also propel themselves through the water at speeds up to four knots, instead of just drifting with the current like most jellies.

Box jellies are the deadliest jellyfish. SeaWorld Orlando says that a box jelly has enough venom to kill 60 people. When humans are stung, they often have heart failure or drown from shock before they can get medical treatment. When they do survive, the pain of the box jellyfish sting can last for weeks. So, stay away from box jellies, and keep an eye out for these other 15 innocent-looking animals that are surprisingly dangerous.

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