12 Abandoned Castles Around the World

12 Abandoned Castles Around the World

Havré Castle, Belgium

Ruins of the abandoned Havre castle, BelgiumLev Levin/Shutterstock

Havré Castle was constructed on the remains of a 12th-century feudal fortress. Throughout its storied history, it belonged to a number of esteemed families and welcomed a bevy of luminaries, including painter Peter Paul Rubens, Van Dyck, Marie of Hungary, Marie de Medici, Prince Eugène of Savoy, and the Duke of Marlborough. Over the years, the castle was sold, bought, and ultimately abandoned. In 1979, a group of concerned citizens formed a non-profit organization to restore the site. Not all abandoned sites are beautiful. In fact, these 13 attractions are so creepy, they're off-limits to tourists.

Kellie's Castle, Malaysia

Kellie's CastleCik Bak/Shutterstock

The unfinished castle of William Kellie Smith, a Scottish rubber plantation owner, is one of Malaysia's most interesting structures. Smith had a grand vision for this castle, which he built for his family. The plans included a six-story tower, an indoor tennis court, a rooftop entertainment center, and a wine cellar. Ironically, it would have featured Malaysia's first elevator, but en route to purchase the elevator, Smith died of pneumonia. His sudden death ultimately prompted his forlorn wife to sell the property, which was later abandoned. Places that have been abandoned often have fascinating histories, like these 13 abandoned amusement parks that will give you the creeps.

Ogrodzieniec Castle, Poland

Ogrodzieniec Castle, Poland.Dziewul/Shutterstock

Since the 14th century, Ogrodzieniec Castle has been celebrated as an iconic medieval structure that defended the Polish Crown. During the Polish-Swedish war, the castle endured a devastating fire, and its residential section suffered irreparable damage. But it remains a beloved, enchanting site. Its magical setting on a hill in Poland's Jura Chain has inspired painters and filmmakers, and it has attracted a growing number of visitors, according to Poland's tourism website. If it looks familiar, it may be because the castle has made cameos in a local Polish TV series, Roman Polanski's The Revenge, and an Iron Maiden video. Here are 14 other historic places that are now abandoned.

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