10 Things Polite People Don’t Do on Airplanes

10 Things Polite People Don't Do on Airplanes

When you're in travel mode, following your own schedule and keeping all sorts of little details straight, it can be easy to get absorbed in your own little world. But just because you're anxious to get to your destination doesn't mean you should abandon common decorum. Here are some behaviors that it's just polite for airplane passengers to avoid.

Monopolize the overhead bin

Passenger woman putting luggage into overhead locker on airplane (Selective focus)Chun photographer/Shutterstock

It starts the minute passengers step onto the plane: Everyone's eyes dart toward the overhead bin above their respective seats, hoping that there'll be enough room for them to stash their carry-on bag. So be considerate about how much of that space you take up. "Don't take up overhead bin space with things that could have fit under the seat in front of you," advises Robert Feinberg, Flight Expert at Scott's Cheap Flights. "And don't haphazardly place your bag in the bin (especially not the long way) so that no one else can use it." Before you even board the plane, find out the things you shouldn't be doing at the airport.

Roll your carry-on

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Kate Sullivan, creative director at Secret Fares, says that polite airplane passengers don't roll their carry-on bags down the aisle. "Yes, your carry-on is jammed full to avoid checked-bag fees, and it's so much easier to wheel it than carry it," she told Reader's Digest. "But you have much less control when you do so, and you'll probably end up bumping into plenty of folks trying to settle into their seats." Plus, it's just a bit more time-consuming than lifting it. She recommends holding it close to you, in a sideways position so it takes up as little room as possible until you reach your seat. Plus, then, it'll take less fanfare to lift it up to the overhead bin. 

Dawdle in the aisles

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Everyone on the plane with you can agree that the sooner it takes off, the better. So please get to your seat in a timely fashion; don't hold up the people behind you by fiddling with your things. "There are a hundred people behind you trying to get to their seat but can't because you forgot to take your headphones out of your bag before you got on the plane," Feinberg sums up. What polite people do do? "Scoot into your aisle and now you can start arranging your seat-back pocket, coat, tablet, personal bag, etc., to your liking," Sullivan suggests. "Others can easily get past you and you'll be able to get settled without causing a backup all the way to the door."

10 Things Polite People Don't Do on Airplanes, Source:https://www.rd.com/advice/travel/rude-airplane-behaviors/

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