13 Abandoned Places in New York City You Can Still Visit

13 Abandoned Places in New York City You Can Still Visit

It's hard to believe that New York City, with its 8.4 million people, could even have abandoned places—but it does, and you can visit them.

World's Fair Grounds

New York World's Fair Unisphere in Flushing Meadows ParkLeonard Zhukovsky/shutterstock

Both the 1939 and 1964 World's Fairs were held in Flushing Meadows in Queens. Though most of the structures were intended to be temporary, plenty remains for you to explore. Best of all, they're located in a public park, so anyone can visit. NYC Parks has gone one step further and mapped out the various spots associated with both fairs. The most striking features include the Unisphere (the giant metal globe that dominates Flushing Meadows Corona Park) and the New York State Pavilion (the futuristic towers and circular building below them)—both left over after the 1964 World's Fair. As the structures are still visited by park goers today, they don't have the eerie feel these 25 photos of abandoned places around the world have—even looking at those places will give you chills.

Smallpox Hospital

Old ruins of an abandoned small pox hospital on Roosevelt Island in New York CityRyan DeBerardinis/Shutterstock

Roosevelt Island—located in the East River between Manhattan and Queens—once housed people who had been shunned by the rest of society, including criminals, debtors, and those with mental illness. It was also home to a smallpox hospital, which later served as a nursing school. Built in 1854, the hospital was designed by James Renwick, Jr., the architect behind St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City and the Smithsonian Institution Building, aka "The Castle" in Washington, D.C. Though you can't climb inside these ruins, you are able to view the building at all angles as you stroll along the public sidewalks.

Ellis Island Hospital Complex

he abandoned Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital.Felix Lipov/shutterstock

There is a lot more to Ellis Island than the Main Building, which houses the museum and the iconic Registry Room. But because the preservation and renovation of these structures is so costly, much of the rest of the island has been sitting in ruins for decades. Now, thanks to the National Park Service, you can take a 90-minute guided hard-hat tour through the abandoned Ellis Island Hospital Complex. The hospital, which opened in 1902, was in operation through 1930. Highlights include a look inside the infectious and contagious disease ward, autopsy room, staff housing, and kitchen, including some "ghostly" original art by French photographer/street artist JR scattered throughout the property that give the rooms a haunting ambiance.

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