12 Italian Phrases Everyone Should Know How to Use

12 Italian Phrases Everyone Should Know How to Use

Enhancing your knowledge of the Italian cultural experience means moving beyond ciao and gelato. Master these terms, and you'll look more worldly in no time. Prego (you're welcome)!

Italian phrases: Scusi/scusa (excuse me)

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(SKOO-zi/SKOO-sa) Senior Instructor Chiara Torriani, from the University of Colorado, Boulder Department of French and Italian, likes to teach politeness, and being properly cultured certainly means knowing the art of politesse in Italian phrases. To say "excuse me" in a variety of contexts, the word scusi (or when addressing someone informally, scusa) is extremely helpful. It can be used to apologize for an error, to excuse yourself for having to leave early, to get someone's attention, or to get through a crowd. Use scusi to address an older person or someone who you do not know; scusa for a peer, friend, or younger person. And if you're going to be entering the home of an Italian, says Torriani, you should say permesso. "There is no equivalent in English," she says, "but it is a very polite thing to say when entering someone's home." Examples: Scusa, I need to go now. Scusi, permesso (when navigating a crowd). Scusi, I didn't do it on purpose. You can also check out these popular British phrases.

Italian phrases: Cosa mi consiglia (what do you suggest for me)

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(Ko-za mee con-SEEL-yah) This Italian phrase is particularly helpful while dining and for those who are looking to try local or specialty dishes. Torriani suggests using it at small, family restaurants where it's obvious the server knows the food and you can trust their recommendation. Not to mention, those restaurants often have the best food! Examples: Cosa mi consiglia for a pasta dish?; Lei (meaning, the server), cosa mi consiglia?

Italian phrases: Fatto a mano (handmade)

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(FAH-toe a MAH-no) Discovering unique handmade goods is an experience in itself—such as hand-blown glass from Murano, or woodcarvings in the Dolomites. These types of local handicrafts are also known as artigianato locale, she says. Bonus tip: Torriani reminds us that handmade, in Italy, doesn't necessarily mean more expensive. Example: Is this lace fatto a mano? Remember to check out these U.S. phrases that differ by region!

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That was 12 Italian Phrases Everyone Should Know How to Use

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