11 Things IT Professionals Don’t Want You to Know

11 Things IT Professionals Don't Want You to Know

Here's what your computer technician is actually thinking when you march into their office to get their help.

We use the word "corruption" when we don't have a real answer

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Occasionally, when trying to fix a problem, something goes wrong and some part of the system breaks or stops working, or more damage happens. I was helping a customer a couple of weeks ago move email over from one system to another and accidentally lost all of his calendar items. Of course, I didn't tell him it was my fault. What happened? Corruption. Watch out for the red flags someone is actually spying on your computer.

What we mean by "only one option"

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Sometimes it means that there's only one fix for this problem. But more likely, we mean that the proposed option offers a higher margin of profit for us, our friend sells it, it's newer and we want to get experience working with it, we are very familiar with this option already and don't want to or have time to learn opposing solutions, it's easier in general, or we're worried that the right solution will be too costly or risky and potentially scare you off.

Google can be your friend, sometimes

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Google will not solve everything.
Google is an amazingly helpful tool where you can find most answers to your tech questions by searching yourself… BUT I know which solutions are true and which are not. I can do a Google search for something and weed out all the illegitimate answers and know which ones make sense, which ones work, and which ones will cause more problems. The average user can't do that.
Although Google is sometimes best for everyone.
It's often easier to accomplish certain things using home-based technology than the big corporate office technology. For example, Gmail vs. Microsoft Exchange. Gmail is simple and easy to use whereas Exchange is super complicated.

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