10 Things Wildly Successful People Do Every Single Day

10 Things Wildly Successful People Do Every Single Day

You can't go from intern to CEO overnight, but these 10 tips will point you to success city.

Focus on 24

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There's countless things you can do in a day – wash your car, hike a mountain, watch a movie. Each of those things may or may not help you succeed tomorrow, but what matters is that you did them on that day.

"The 24 hours you are currently living in determine your level of success. You have the ability right now to make choices to curate and drive your goals. That opportunity does not exist in yesterday or in tomorrow," said Randi Levin, transitional life strategist.

Today is the only time to gain traction and take necessary steps to achieve what you desire, Levin said. Start by asking yourself what you can do now. 

Make success a habit

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You can change your behavior in just 66 days. Well, according to a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology. If 66 days seems like a long stretch for you, consider taking it week by week.

"Every week, take a second on Sunday to focus on what went well over the course of the past week. As humans, we tend to highlight what did not go right, so flipping the script to document what did reprogram your thoughts to think in terms of achievement no matter how small," Levin said. 

That achievement can be anything from getting a promotion or mastering your mothers sweet potato recipe. It just matters that you thought of it in a positive light, and that thinking will soon become contagious.

Put you first

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You can't solve world hunger or become the worlds youngest CEO without first knowing who you are. To-do lists aren't exclusively for work tasks. They can be fun, too, as Levin points out.

"Make sure that your to-do list contains a clear time to thrive. Schedule yourself in first, creating a meeting time for the gym, friends, hobbies, or to do nothing at all," he said. "This will help you to balance your relationship to yourself and to your job."

Extra time away from work may help your relationships, too. A study in partners overwork and individuals wellbeing found that long hours affect romantic relationships. So do yourself, your job and your relationships a favor and tap out once and a while.

10 Things Wildly Successful People Do Every Single Day, Source:https://www.rd.com/advice/work-career/successful-people-habits-work/

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