10 Most Annoying Drivers on the Road

10 Most Annoying Drivers on the Road

The Slow Driver

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The slow driver is one of the most maddening bad drivers you'll encounter on the road. These individuals drive at a snail's pace below the speed limit and sometimes in the left lane where they don't belong. Esurance says there are typically four types of slow drivers: distracted drivers, new drivers, seniors, and tourists or people who are looking at something on the road.

Slow drivers are more likely to cause accidents than speeding drivers because they disrupt the flow of traffic. Auto Insurance Center reports on several studies showing that slow drivers are more likely to get into accidents. Most accidents involve people who are driving 10 mph or slower than the speed limit rather than people who are speeding. So, slow drivers are not only annoying, but they are also dangerous. Think you know everything about driving? See if you can pass the driver's test again.

The Texting While Driving Driver

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These folks can be some of the most dangerous bad drivers on the road because they have their eyes on their phones instead of on the road. The United State Department of Transportation says that sending or reading a text takes your eyes off the road for at least 5 seconds. This is like driving the entire length of a football field with your eyes closed if you're driving 55 mph. Distracted driving claimed the lives of 3,166 humans in the U.S. in 2017. So, not only is texting while driving deadly, but it's also illegal in most states and can cost you a hefty fine and points on your license if you're caught. Overall, it's on the top of the list of things you should never, ever do in your car.

The Littering Driver

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It's really not hard to keep your trash in the car and throw it out when you stop at a gas station or at your final destination. But, some bad drivers throw litter out of their car anyway. Throwing trash out your window while you're on the road can cause accidents, harm animals and pollute the environment.

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