The Best Privacy Plants for Your Backyard

A little bit of privacy makes any backyard more enjoyable. Here are some plants to help make that happen, from trees and shrubs to vines, grasses, and towering flowers!

Mixed plants with privacy fence


Privacy plants come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes it pays to use a mixed palette, which creates attractive yet effective privacy. Rather than a plain stockade fence, this one is topped with handsome latticework, then landscaped using a variety of plants including upright evergreens as well as columnar and spreading deciduous trees. Don't have that coveted green thumb? Take a look at these 12 hacks and tips for growing plants to see if you can improve your plant growing skills.

Mixed plants with picket fence


There's plenty of privacy here, but the picket fence and gate are more welcoming visually. Evergreen hedges still hold sway in this yard, but to keep a sense of openness, the middle ground is landscaped with plants. Note how the deciduous trees are positioned strategically, blocking a view to the back porch and a room to the left.



When it comes to privacy plants, it's hard to beat arborvitae (Thuja spp.). Its foliage is thick, vivid green, luxuriant, scented—and it grows fast without a lot of help! There are cultivars available with mature heights of 6 to 20 feet. Or you can shear off the top to keep it at the height you prefer. Here are 11 gorgeous shrubs to consider planting in your yard.

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