If You Were Born In Summer, This Is What We Know About You

Astrology may be a matter of belief, but there are scientific studies that link birth season to personality and health conditions.

Your birth month affects your life


Thousands of people check their horoscopes religiously to see what might be in store for them that day, week, month, or even year. And don't freak out, but your horoscope may have changed recently. But while science doesn't put much stock in astrology, the field has been uncovering evidence supporting the idea that your birth month or birth season can actually affect your life. Factors like what your mother was eating while she was pregnant with you—e.g. watermelon in summer or pumpkin in fall—and the type of environment she was living in can play a role, but science has yet to explain some traits shared by people with the same birth season. Learn more about what your birth order reveals about your personality. 

You might be big and tall


Your genes are your genes, but a study has shown that babies born in the summer months tend to have a higher birth weight than babies born in other seasons. It might be a hassle getting out and into the world, but it's better to be a healthy weight rather than frail or weak. The same study that reported this finding also determined that those born in summer months are more likely to be tall—could it be thanks to extra sunshine? It's not yet clear why, but science has shown that babies born in June and July show the biggest peak in height average. These are the 7 proven reasons middle child syndrome isn't real. 

You have a stronger internal clock


If you have a dog, have you noticed that even without reading a clock, it know when it's dinner time? Ever wake up at the same time every day without an alarm clock? This is what's known as an internal clock, and there is research that suggests summer-born babies tend to have a more robust internal clock than others. Professor of Biological Sciences Douglas McMahon, graduate student Chris Ciarleglio, post-doctoral fellow Karen Gamble and two students at Vanderbilt University performed an experiment on mice that tested how strong their internal clocks were based on what kind of light they were raised in, winter or summer. The study, later published in Nature Neuroscience, showed that mice born and raised in summer light had more accurate internal clocks and regular behavioral patterns than the winter mice babies. In short, the season you're born into can affect your brain.

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