Here's the Real Reason Why Joy Is Wearing Sunglasses on 'The View'

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After not appearing on Monday's show, The View star Joy Behar showed up on Tuesday wearing cat-eyed Gucci sunnies—and not just because she felt like changing up her look.

As Joy explained at the beginning of Tuesday's episode, she underwent cataract surgery on her left eye on Monday. The procedure removes the lens of your eye and, in most cases, replaces it with a new artificial one, according to Mayo Clinic.

"It was fine. I recommend it," the 76-year-old comedian said on the ABC daytime talk show. "It really is an easy procedure."

After having cataract surgery, it's common for doctors to ask their patients to wear an eye patch or something to protect their eyes while recovering (hence, the glasses). Once your eyes are all healed up, which takes usually one to three months, you'll likely get a final prescription for eyeglasses.

Does that mean Joy will be rocking shades for a while? It could be. Mayo Clinic says that complete healing occurs within eight weeks, but it could be sooner or later depending on Joy's condition. Especially since Joy is dealing with bright studio lights while filming The View, we might get used to her wearing 'em.

Plus, Joy told the audience that she's going to have to go back in eventually and do cataract surgery on her right eye as well—yet another sign that she might be donning the sunnies for quite some time.

Of course, sunglasses or not, Joy is still the same Joy, and her fans have been nothing but supportive. Online, many expressed that they hope she "heals quickly," while others gushed about how stunning she looks in her new glasses. "Auntie Joy rockin' the stunner shades! It's all good, we'll take you any ole kind of way!" one fan tweeted.

Here's to hoping Joy makes a speedy recovery soon!

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