Burnout is A Real Health Syndrome, Says WHO. Here are Ways to Tackle a Burnout

Burnout is A Real Health Syndrome, Says WHO. Here are Ways to Tackle a Burnout

Do you feel the need of dragging yourself to work despite a good break, a good sleep and a fresh cuppa before starting work? These can be reasons for an occupational phenomenon

Lack of caffeine, motivation or just work displeasure, all these can make your work life a living hell. We often get to hear how millennials find it difficult to deal with work stress and workload. All of these can be reasons for a burnout, which is now a recognised medical condition as per the World Health Organization. WHO states that burnout is an occupational phenomenon and not just any other reason for lack of caffeine or a good sleep.  This feeling engulfs the mind and the body, leading to a disinterest in working. As per a press release by WHO, burnout is a cause of workplace stress and is often confused with other health hazards. 

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Following are some of the symptoms that denote a burnout and should be not ignored in the first place for a timely understanding of the syndrome: 

  • Lack of interest in office activities 
  • Hatred towards attending office daily 
  • Unreasonable excuses to miss work, without any illness or disease
  • Increase in mental distance from the job
  • Constant feeling of exhaustion 
  • Negative thoughts about work or people at the workplace 
  • Reduced efficiency at work 

Physical, Emotional and Behavioural Symptoms


  • Tiredness and drained feeling
  • Frequent feeling of illness even if everything is fine
  • Disturbed sleep patterns 
  • Change in appetite and sudden weight fluctuations


  • Feeling of failure
  • Lack of motivation
  • Feeling lonesome in office space 
  • Negative outlook towards work and office people 
  • Sudden detachment from the office space 


  • Sudden indulgence in drugs and alcohol abuse
  • Bouts of frustration on other people without any reason 
  • Isolation 
  • A decrease in speed in finishing tasks

Causes of a Burnout

Burnout starts from the workplace and the people around you. It is stress aggravated to another level. If you are overworked, undervalued and have not been on vacation for long, then this can lead to burnout. Following are some of the causes of burnout: 

  • Lack of recognition at the workplace 
  • Over expectations at work
  • The feeling of everything is going out of hand at work 
  • Continually working in high-pressure surroundings at a job with a deadline to finish 
  • Monotonous work at the office 
  • Have very little or no time to spend with friends away from the office 
  • No company apart from office colleagues 
  • Lack of or no sleep to recover from daily wear and tear

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Personality Attributes to a Burnout

Some personalities are easily susceptible to burnout. The perfectionists, pessimists and control freaks can be easily subject to work-related stress. Also, those finding it difficult to delegate work to others often face this condition. 

Prevention of a Burnout

Following are some of the ways through which a burnout can be expertly handled and treated: 

  • Reach to your loved ones: Talking to those who you trust can effectively help in dealing with burnout. Try to think positive while you are with your people, without giving much thought about office and colleagues. 
  • Relate to your colleagues: Try to make friends with your office people. The more you talk to people, the more you will get comfortable with the surroundings of your workplace. 
  • Limit your negative thoughts: Stay away from negative talks and negative people who were influencing you during the phase of your burnout. Negativity can never let you deal with burnout. Positive thoughts are important. 
  • Make new connections: Meeting new people will let you think positive. Expanding your social circle may allow you to share your thoughts and feelings without any fear. 

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff Writer

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jun 11, 2019

That was Burnout is A Real Health Syndrome, Says WHO. Here are Ways to Tackle a Burnout

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