9 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Bed

These bedtime snacks will leave you tossing and turning.

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Fried foods

Don't try solving your late-night munchies with a trip to the drive-through. Greasy, fatty foods get through your system slower than protein and carbs, so your body will still be hard at work by the time you try falling asleep, says behavioural sleep consultant Richard Shane, PhD, creator of the Sleep Easily Method. "You don't want the engine of the digestive system cranking away when the rest of your body is trying to go to sleep," he says. Eating before bed, especially fried foods, goes against the idea of slowing things down before sleep. Ironically, this is why you should blame the bacteria in your gut for your junk food cravings.

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Hot sauce

The reasons to avoid spicy foods before bed are twofold. For one, they can irritate the stomach and cause heartburn, making it hard to wind down for sleep, says Dr. Shane. The interaction also creates a passage for histamines to release into your body, says W Christopher Winter, MD, president of the Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Clinic and author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It. "Anti-histamines make you sleepy," he says, but on the flip side, histamines promote wakefulness.

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Forget what you've heard about how the tryptophan in turkey makes you sleepy on Thanksgiving—you can blame your food coma on the massive portions you gobbled down. In fact, turkey on any other day might actually keep you awake. The protein signals the brain to produce dopamine, the "motivation molecule" that gives you energy.

You might also want to avoid chicken and steak close to bedtime—but there's still a way to get your protein fix. "Game meat and salmon are higher in melatonin," says Dr. Winter. "Those are good for sleep."  On the flip side, make sure you do these 10 things if you want to live a long life.

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