50 Hidden Meanings Behind the Most Common Dreams

You're experiencing an apocalypse

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Violence in dreams can indicate anger, says psychotherapist Annette Poizner, MSW, Ed.D, RSW. It's also a common motif in the dreams of people who have been working on becoming more assertive and forceful. "Imagine the formerly inhibited person who is making changes, tolerating more awareness of anger, versus suppressing it," she says. "That individual, re-thinking the inhibitions of yesterday, may experience violent dreams as they get in touch with their own aggressive energy. It doesn't mean they will become violent. It means they are awakening to this forceful energy within, aware that it requires special handling. The energy is unnerving at first blush, but it will be an important resource when the former block is removed."

You're encountering someone who has died in real life

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"Psychologically speaking, when someone that has died shows up in your dream, they're going to symbolize some aspect of your own personality," Loewenberg says. For example, if your late mother shows up in your dreams, she may symbolize your own role as a mother or, if you don't have children, your own caring and nurturing side.

You're in a movie or TV show

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Poizner says this implies a capacity to be more involved in the world around you, socially and emotionally whether it's through getting involved with an organization or taking a public role. "This can be the dream of the introvert who is on the cusp of developing more extroversive tendencies, or the person who has been living an insular life that is readying to step into the limelight," Poizner says. But while the secret room implies looking into yourself, this dream means you should come out of your shell.

That was 50 Hidden Meanings Behind the Most Common Dreams

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