12 Things You Can Get for Free at Theme Parks

Theme parks visits are big on fun and thrills, but between ticket prices, meals, and those sought-after souvenirs, they can also go heavy on the wallet. Still, there are freebies to be had at the parks, you just need to know where to look.


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Whether it's a scorching hot day at the park or you're simply trying to stay hydrated (as one should), there's a way to dodge the cost of purchasing expensive bottled water. At Walt Disney World and Disneyland, guests can simply ask for a cup of ice water at any counter service restaurant and they will be handed one for free, according to WDW expert Lou Mongello, who shared this helpful bit of advice with People.

Professional-style pictures

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Theme park photographers are always at the ready to snap pics for families at the most coveted spots, like Cinderella's Castle in Disney World, then sell you the image in a glossy 5×7 or with their Memory Maker deal (all of the digital images you take throughout the parks). But there's a free way to get those same picture-perfect moments. At Disney parks, you can just ask these pro photographers to snap a photo with your own camera or phone and they'll oblige. For an unconventional vacation photo, you might want to check out one of these wacky amusement parks.

Common medical supplies

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All of the walking theme parks require can easily add up to some painful blisters. Need a band-aid? You can get one for free at First-Aid centers in the Disney Parks, Universal Studios, and likely many others. They can also help with other mild discomforts so before you purchase a remedy, ask at First-Aid.

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