12 Lucky Plants You Should Add to Your Home

Everyone can use a little extra good fortune. Take a page from the annals of mythology and add a few plants to your landscape for good luck.


Nandinasimona pavan/Shutterstock

Nandina, or heavenly bamboo, is a favorite in the South, due to its pinkish-white flowers and bright red fruit. While the species is considered invasive in some states, there are plenty of well-behaved, sterile cultivars available—some with a compact habit worthy of containers. According to folklore, a nandina is supposed to bring good luck when planted by the front entrance. Always keep these 11 lucky things inside your home.

Rowan Tree

TreePeter Turner Photography/Shutterstock

The rowan tree (Sorbus) appears in a number of ancient mythologies—Greek, Norse, and Welsh, to name a few—and parts of the tree were once used to ward off evil. Rowan trees were also planted in churchyards as further protection. Meet some space-saving trees for today's home landscapes.


roseMikhail Tchkheidze/Shutterstock

The rose (Rosa) is the flower of love and passion. It's also believed to attract healing and luck. Different colors represent different sentiments. While red roses are about love and passion, white roses are about purity and reverence, and yellow roses stand for happiness and joy. Think roses are fussy, grandma flowers? Think again!

That was 12 Lucky Plants You Should Add to Your Home

That Was 12 Lucky Plants You Should Add to Your Home, Hopefully it's useful and you like it.

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