10 Lifelong Lessons Learned from Waiting Tables

Have a good attitude at work

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"One of the greatest lessons I learned is to put a smile on your face, even if you don't always want to. At work, it's important to have a good attitude even when it's hard. Plus, big smiles meant big tips." —Rachel Wilke, Social Media Editor. Restaurant owners have some of their own secrets, too. 

How to be a good host

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"Working in different restaurants taught me what a welcoming atmosphere feels like. Waiting on all kinds of people taught me what a difference a gracious attitude can make (going both ways!). Now, when I host parties or even run meetings at the Taste of Home offices, I try to create the right mood to make people feel at ease and ready to mingle (or brainstorm)." —Lisa Kaminski, Associate Editor


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"The biggest thing I learned was how to organize my workflow to maximize efficiency. I was always thinking, how can I maximize this trip to the kitchen? or how can I wait on tables more effectively? or how do I keep track of four different tables that are at different points in their meal?" Lynne Belcher, Culinary Assistant

That was 10 Lifelong Lessons Learned from Waiting Tables

That Was 10 Lifelong Lessons Learned from Waiting Tables, Hopefully it's useful and you like it.

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