Simple Rules to Follow if You Want to Live to 100

Stay connected

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It's not enough to have friends—you have to connect with them on a regular basis in order to get the life-extending benefits. And that means more than just following them on Facebook and "liking" the occasional photo of a cute puppy or grandchild. When you have truly strong social connections, you reduce your risk of early death by 50 percent compared to people without those ties. Check out some more of the scientific proof that having good friends improves your health.

Grow a garden

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Planting, tending, and harvesting a garden is another activity that will help you live to 100. There's a decent amount of physical effort involved, plus the vegetables you reap can play an important part in your healthy longevity diet. Just take a look at all the health benefits that come with growing a garden.

Cut down on processed foods

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When you're hoping to live to 100, you need to eat well. And that means focusing your diet on real, whole foods—fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats, whole grains, and plant proteins. And it means avoiding overly processed packaged foods as much as possible. Those packaged foods may be convenient, but they're typically loaded with too much salt, sugar, unhealthy fats, preservatives, and additives that may take years off your life. If you do choose packaged foods on occasion, check the labels and skip those that contain these harmful ingredients.

That was Simple Rules to Follow if You Want to Live to 100

That Was Simple Rules to Follow if You Want to Live to 100, Hopefully it's useful and you like it.

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