7 Standout Facial Cleansers That Won’t Strip Your Skin

These cleansers refresh and purify, while still protecting your skin's natural barrier.

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Odacite Cleansing Micellar WaterPhoto Credit: Odacité

Blue Waters

This new release from Odacité is a beautiful combination of French beauty and Ayurvedic healing herbs. Micellar water is a French woman's beauty secret that crossed the Atlantic in recent years and can now be found in the online shopping cart of every skincare enthusiast. Turmeric, neem and holy basil are added to fight the skin damaging effects of pollution and a base of aloe vera juice hydrates and soothes. It smells of syrupy citrus – a scent that lingers thanks to the no-rinse formula.

Odacité Blue Aura Cleansing Water, $53; thedetoxmarket.ca

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Omorovicza CleanserPhoto Credit: Omorovicza

Peachy Clean

These circular pads are soaked in a natural olive oil micellar solution. The micelles act like magnets and attract dirt, make-up and sebum for a gentle cleanse. Perfect for travel or those nights when you're *almost* too tired to wash your face.

Peachy Micellar Cleansers, $65 (60 pre-soaked discs); omorovicza.com

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Weleda Gentle Cleansing FoamPhoto Credit: Weleda

Plant Powered

The star ingredient of this lightweight foaming cleanser is witch hazel, commonly known for its astringent and anti-acne properties. (Btw, this is when you can expect hormonal acne to finally go away.) When combined with marshmallow extract it serves up a thorough cleanse that calms skin and won't dry it out.

Weleda Gentle Cleansing Foam, $20 (150 mL); Whole Foods Market, well.ca and natural health and wellness retailers across Canada (available June)

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