25 Surprising Things Your Dreams Reveal About You

If you're out of tune with your emotions


Many researchers believe dreams—especially nightmares—are your brain's way of making sense of your experiences. If a dream reoccurs and does not change much over time, it could be a sign you're having trouble dealing with something emotionally. To resolve those issues, consider how the dream made you feel and which real-life circumstances might be prompting those emotions in you.

What kind of problem solver you are


Those who recognize that they're asleep while they're dreaming (called lucid dreamers) are 25 percent better at solving problems compared to non-lucid dreamers, according to a study published in the journal Dreaming. Researchers speculate that if you're insightful enough to realize that you're dreaming while asleep, then that may translate into better insight for solving problems while you're awake.

Who you're closest to


The people you have the strongest relationships with appear most frequently in your dreams, researchers have found. "Your dreams are a very accurate mirror of your emotional relationships," says psychologist Kelly Bulkeley, PhD. "So when I'm analyzing your dreams, and you dream most often of your father, I can predict that you are closer emotionally to your father and that's highly likely to be accurate." This is what your dreams say about your personality type.

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