22 Red Flags Someone Is Spying on Your Phone

You've lost your signal

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"There are several notable signs that your phone might have been hacked: You receive a text message or an email notification from your mobile carrier about an account change you didn't make and, thirty minutes later, your cell phone has no signal, even after a reboot. You can't log into your email. You're locked out of your bank account.

"This is called a number porting attack, and it's effective against Androids and iPhones on all mobile carriers. Typically, threat actors only need a date of birth and an account number for this attack to succeed.

"If you think you're a victim of a number porting attack you should immediately call the police and let them know that your mobile number has been ported out and that you're a victim of identity theft. You must call your mobile provider, of course, and may need to show them a police report to prove that you are a victim of identity theft.

"Next, request free copies of your annual credit report before freezing your credit with the three major bureaus.

"Last, but not least, plan on spending days changing the passwords for all the accounts where you used your mobile number and even more days working with banks and creditors where the threat actor set up fraudulent accounts using your stolen identity." –Kayne McGladrey, IEEE Member and Director of Security and Information Technology at Pensar Development

You hear unusual background noise

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"While common, humming, static, or other weird noises could be a sign that someone is tapping your line. Though all phones might have strange noises from time to time, you should check if there are other signs if you notice them. This is especially the case if you hear them when your phone is not in use." –Robert Siciliano, Security Awareness Expert, and CEO of Safr.Me. Learn these red flags that someone is spying on your computer.

Your phone won't shut down

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"If something seems weird with your mobile phone, try shutting it down. Watch how it reacts when you shut it down. Phones that have been hacked often won't shut down correctly or never shut down, even though you tell it to." –Robert Siciliano, Security Awareness Expert, and CEO of Safr.Me Your phone isn't the only device at risk: Here are 17 everyday things you didn't know could be hacked.

That was 22 Red Flags Someone Is Spying on Your Phone

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