15 Adorable Animals You Didn’t Even Know Existed


Ant eater (tamandua mexicana) couple in Chiapas Mexico.Adriana Margarita Larios Arellano/Shutterstock

This small anteater is cuter than its larger relatives. Its long mouth and tongue help it eat up to 9,000 ants every day (yowza!), but the tamandua also eats termites, honey, and fruit.


jerboa (Allactaga major) with a long tail and ears - a cute little animal is on the long hind legsGeoorgiy Boyko/Shutterstock

Between their tufted tails, big ears, and long hind legs, and tiny front limbs, jerboas look like a lab-made mish-mosh of several species. But make no mistake: The rodents are totally natural and belong to the same family as birch mice. Their long legs help them jump high and far.

Maned wolf

A male maned wolf standing in the forestEsmeralda Edenberg/Shutterstock

Those long legs could even put Gisele Bündchen's to shame. The fox-like maned wolf actually isn't closely related to foxes or wolves and is the only member of the genus Chrysocyon. Its food choices are equally misleading—the biggest part of the South American animal's diet is a berry called loberia, which means "fruit of the wolf." Find out which other 23 "facts" about animals you have all wrong.

That was 15 Adorable Animals You Didn’t Even Know Existed

That Was 15 Adorable Animals You Didn’t Even Know Existed, Hopefully it's useful and you like it.

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