12 Things Retirees Should Always Buy at Costco

These are the great deals Costco offers beyond bulk foods.


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Consider visiting the eye doctor at Costco, and purchasing your glasses there as well. According to Mike Molitoris, the managing director of Flagship Wealth Management Group, L.L.C., Costco has deals for all your eye health needs—at an affordable price. "The examination fees are reasonable if you don't have insurance and the best part is you can get some pretty good deals on eyeglasses in store," Molitoris says. "Be sure to watch for coupons that will enhance your savings." You should start saving for retirement as early as possible—that's one of the retirement facts you need to take seriously.

Hearing aids

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Krista Fabregas, a retail and shopping analyst for FitSmallBusiness.com, says that hearing aids are often very economical at Costco as well as eyeglasses. Plus, Costco conducts free hearing screenings at their Hearing Aid Centers. "They also have an excellent deal on highly-rated hearing aids," Fabregas says. "The Kirkland Signature™ 8.0 Premium Digital Hearing Instruments are $1,600 for a pair. Compare that to hearing aids that can cost as much as $2,500 per ear—and aren't covered by Medicare—and Costco is quite a deal." 


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Molitoris finds that Costco is a great store for prescriptions too. "If you are already purchasing your eyeglasses at Costco, why not fill up yours and Fido's prescription," he says. "Costco offers competitive pricing on pharmaceuticals for you and your pets." Now that's a great shopping perk only Costco members know about.

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