10 Little Etiquette Rules for Flying on an Airplane

Be willing to swap seats with a family


Airlines sometimes block out certain seats or charge extra fees for adjacent ones, making it tough for family members to buy seats together. If you're traveling solo, offer to switch seats so that a family can sit beside each other; it's a kind gesture that they won't forget. But be sure to delay swapping until the plane has reached cruising altitude, as switching seats while everyone is boarding can be an inconvenience for those standing in the aisles. Though travel insiders suggest this tip to upgrade your air travel, no matter if you're alone or with family.

Respect your (limited) space


In the cramped quarters of an airplane, maintaining your personal space will go a long way to make a smoother ride for everyone. Let the middle-seat passenger use the armrests (it's the least you can do), and keep your legs within the width of the chair frame.

Keep your personal items, well, personal


It's as important to be mindful of your personal belongings as it is your personal space. Avoid hitting other passengers with your bag as you walk down the aisles by keeping it in front of you and close to your body. And once you sit down, you should stay there, so make sure you have everything you will need for the flight once you settle in. Reaching over other passengers to access the overhead storage during the flight is uncomfortable for everyone. You also want to avoid taking off your shoes for this gross reason, according to flight attendants.

That was 10 Little Etiquette Rules for Flying on an Airplane

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