YUCK: This Summer Is Going to Be Extra Hot and Humid

If you're already making plans for barbecuing, swimming, and vacationing this summer, hold up for a second. The Farmers' Almanac just released its forecast for the season and it's not exactly a mood booster. Using its "time-tested" 202-year-old weather formula, the publication is predicting an extra sweltering, rainy, muggy, and humid summer in many areas of the United States.

And since last summer already ranked as the fourth hottest on record according to the NOAA, this doesn't exactly sound great for your summer plans or our planet. Here's exactly what's predicted in your region for 2019:

Farmers' Almanac 2019 Summer Map

Courtesy of Farmers' Almanac

Northeast and New England

You better order some new umbrellas: The forecast on the East Coast calls for rain, rain, and oh yeah, some more rain."Much of our summer forecast predicts lots of rain, thunderstorms, and wetness during July and August in the Northeast and New England areas," Farmers' Almanac editor Pete Geiger shared in a statement. "The increased clouds and showers will likely keep temperatures below the dozen or so 90-degree days that might otherwise occur. However, you should count on days with temps well up into the 80's. Add to that the above-normal precipitation, and you've got oppressively humid and uncomfortable conditions."


The Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida aren't spared from gross humidity and frequent thunderstorms, either. They "will be the rule" during July. And yep, you'll also get a lot of use out of your hurricane shutters. The Almanac predicts some tropical storms to land as early as May, plus more disturbances in mid-June and then again in mid-September and mid-October.

Midwest and Central U.S.

Moving farther west, the north and south central states will get a nice amount of "large hail" and "damaging straight-line winds" in addition to thunderstorms and a warm, stormy July — lovely. You may also want to prepare for "a devastating tornado threat" (yikes).


This area is already known for getting hot, but California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona can expect "sizzling" temperatures, the Almanac predicts — especially in June and July. After 2018's record heat wave (including a scorching 111ยบ F recorded at UCLA), this is just cruel.

Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest may actually get the best summer of us all, with a drier-than-usual forecast and "pleasant and fair conditions all the way through to August." So who's buying our plane tickets to Portland?

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