Disney Employees Share the Craziest Thing They’ve Seen at Work

Greed doesn't pay

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"I was out in Fantasyland/Hub as the Queen of Hearts and there was an Alice and both Tweedles out there with me as well. We were having lots of fun as a unit, with me making people bow/curtsy to me and kiss my hand and the Tweedles causing general mischief while Alice talked to kids. We were over near the Dumbo ride, and there's a small fountain over near the line for the ride that was drained for whatever reason on this day. All of the coins that people throw into were still in the fountain. I guess one of the Tweedles decided they wanted to steal some change, but they're only about 5'5″, and the costume is basically built around a hula hoop to give them the round shape, so when he bent over into the fountain, he fell in and was stuck. I just remember turning around and seeing his feet sticking into the air kicking back and forth out of the fountain. It was amazing." —IWasGoofyAMA via Reddit

Lashing out


"I was standing out there telling everyone that we are out of Fastpasses when this kid rides up to me on a scooter. He demands passes and when I tell him we are out, he demands to ride the ride. I tell him he can wait in line (120 min wait) and he gets really upset and guns his scooter into my leg then rides away. I was so shocked and amused I did not call security on him." —killerwhate via Reddit. Maybe it's just a better idea to take these insider secrets from a Disney superfan to heart instead.

Playing dead

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"Back in the day, I used to work Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom. One day, we put a group of kids—one of which was admittedly too small to be on the ride, but we let him on because his bigger sister said she'd hold onto him. When they finally come back, two of them are missing—the boy and his sister. So, naturally, we shut down the ride, tell everyone someone vomited all over the seats, and go looking for this kid and his sister. We literally had to climb around Space Mountain looking for these two, using the carts as something to hold onto.  When we finally see them, it's bad. The boy is facedown on the tracks, dead as far as we could tell. And his sister is leaning on a pole connecting to the tracks, looking completely shot and dejected. Me and two other employees literally just broke down and started crying for a solid 15 seconds or so before the girl bursts out laughing and her apparently-not-dead little brother follows suit."—Anonymous user via Reddit

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