14 Strangest Gifts Queen Elizabeth Has Ever Received

Among British monarchs, not only has Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ruled for longest, but it's also likely she's the recipient of the most gifts. Considering she writes a thank you note for each one, just try imagining what she might have said about these.

Handspun lace

Buckingham Palace Royal Wedding Exhibition opening, London, Britain - 27 Jul 2007Jonathan Hordle/Shutterstock

Then-Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip received over 2,500 presents from people and organizations all over the world in celebration of their November 20, 1947 wedding. One of the more well-known of these gifts is a piece of cotton lace that Mahatma Gandhi had spun himself and embroidered with the words, "Jai Hind" ("Victory for India," because India had just weeks earlier won its independence from the British Commonwealth). Pamela Hicks, a longtime friend of Elizabeth and the daughter of Lord Mountbatten (Philip's uncle and later Prince Charles's trusted mentor) wrote at the time that it was Mountbatten who had given Gandhi the idea. Yet that didn't stop Elizabeth's grandmother, Queen Mary, from finding it "indelicate" when she first misinterpreted it as a loincloth! Misunderstandings aside, the gift was extraordinarily meaningful to the newlyweds and in 2018, Queen Elizabeth honored Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his visit to the United Kingdom by giving it to him.

The wine enthusiast's version of a "transformer"

Gemma Entwhistle Inventory Clerk For The Royal Collection Moves A Grasshopper Shaped Wine-bottle Cooler In To Position At Buckingham Palace London Friday 26 April 2002. The Gift To The Queen And Duke Of Edinburgh By President And Mrs Pompidou In 1972Glenn Copus/Evening Standard/Shutterstock

In 1972, President Georges Pompidou of France presented Queen Elizabeth II with a most unusual gift: a brass and steel wine cooler shaped like a grasshopper that transforms into a drinks table when its wings are rotated. This, along with around 200 other noteworthy gifts received by Queen Elizabeth over the years, was exhibited in 2002 in connection with the Queen's Golden Jubilee. Fun fact: Her Majesty has a poet whom she pays in wine. Don't miss these 19 other fascinating facts about Queen Elizabeth.

Millions of dollars worth of swag from the Persian Gulf

Queen Elizabeth II retrospectiveReginald Davis/Shutterstock

During the Queen's 18-day good-will visit to the Persian Gulf in 1979, she and Prince Philip were showered with millions upon millions of dollars worth of gifts by their Arab hosts, according to an article in the New York Times. Among them, a pear-shaped pearl set in a natural oyster, a silver model of an Arab sailboat, an 18-inch tall solid gold palm tree studded with pearls, an amethyst-studded gold tray, a gold coffee jug in the shape of a falcon whose talons were made from amethysts, and three bejeweled gold swords (intended specifically for Prince Philip).

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