13 Lies Professionals Are Probably Telling You

From little white lies to befuddling whoppers, untruths slip out of the mouths of professionals all the time. Experts reveal why they fudge the truth—and when you should be concerned.

Personal trainers

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The Lie: The promise that there's a 21-day plan (or any estimated amount of time) to achieving your health goals.

The Truth: "You aren't going to completely 'tone your abs' or permanently lose weight with effortless upkeep in 21 days," says Janis Isaman, owner of Calgary-based My Body Couture, a private, one-on-one health studio. "I think we are lying to clients when we don't tell them what we observe and make them pay to come back for additional sessions. And since I don't think anyone needs to exclusively work out with a teacher or trainer, this is harmful to the average consumer who is not being properly informed."


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The Lie: Your real estate agent tells you he/she can convince the home seller to meet all your demands.

The Truth: "We recently had a transaction where the buyer's agent was requesting repairs that were way outside of the average repair requests, and demanding that the seller make these repairs," says Derik Keith, realtor and broker at Keith Home Team. "These unreasonable requests were causing enormous amounts of tension and the sellers nearly pulled out. After closing, the buyer and seller met up to exchange a kitchen table and upon meeting and discussing the transaction, they discovered the source of the problem: The buyer's agent. Their agent had been making these requests via text and phone call, leaving them in the dark, and nearly compromising the entire contract!" To get the best deal on a home, know these real estate terms ahead of time.


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The Lie: That you have a strong case.

The Truth: "Lawyers need to bring in new business all the time, but the probability of winning a lawsuit is difficult for even most seasoned legal experts to calculate," says David Reischer, Esq., attorney and CEO of LegalAdvice.com. "Many lawyers, however, frequently 'play up' the strengths of a case when a client is looking to assess their likelihood of success. I have heard lawyers countless times exaggerate the strength of a potential lawsuit and minimize the risks of losing in order to get a potential client to sign a retainer agreement."

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