11 Collagen Supplements and Where to Buy Them in Canada

From tablets and powders to snack bars and liquids, collagen supplements are breaking into the beauty industry in a big way with promises to improve skin, joint pain and even cardiovascular health.

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What's the deal with collagen supplements?

Collagen, the single most common protein in animals, is best known for giving structure and shape to the skin—though it's also present in bones, muscles and connective tissues. As we age or are subjected to external aggressors like UV radiation, pollution and poor diet, collagen starts to break down and our skin sags and wrinkles. You can work to mask or correct the issue with lasers, injections, creams and serums, but there is also another mode of treatment that's growing in popularity: ingesting collagen supplements such as collagen powder, tablets, liquids and even health bars. "Supplementing with collagen has research-proven benefits for skin including improved hydration," says Joy McCarthy, a certified holistic nutritionist and Genuine Health spokesperson. "Collagen nourishes the dermis and increases the manufacture of hyaluronic acid, which can hold 1000x its weight in water and give the skin a youthful look. There are also benefits for joint health, cardiovascular function, bone-mineral density and overall well-being."

Think you might want to give collagen supplements a shot? We've rounded up 11 that are available in Canada.

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Genuine Health collagenPhoto Credit: Genuine Health

Collagen Supplements: Genuine Health

New to Genuine Health's array of supplements, Clean Collagen powder is perfect for flavouring water or boosting a smoothie or cup of tea. Go for the original Clean Collagen powder in unflavoured or Pineapple Berry if you're OK with collagen derived from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle and want a non-GMO and hormone-free source of collagens I and III (which are the types needed for healthy, elastic skin, thick hair and smooth, long nails). If you prefer a non-bovine option, choose Marine Clean Collagen in unflavoured or Lemon Lime. It's non-GMO, sourced from wild-caught fish in Iceland and contains collagen I. You can also add the unflavoured powder to protein balls. Try it in one of our no-bake energy ball recipes.

Genuine Health Clean Collagen, $35 for 280g, genuinehealth.com; Genuine Health Marine Clean Collagen, $35 for 210g, genuinehealth.com

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Jamieson collagenPhoto Credit: Jamieson

Collagen Supplements: Jamieson

With 2.5g of hydrolyzed collagen per tablet, Jamieson Collagen Anti-Wrinkle is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in 28 days by providing collagen to the epidermis and dermis. One package will last 20 days if you take it as directed—three times per day. (Here's more on what a nutritionist suggests you eat to slow down aging.)

$19 for 60 tablets, jamiesonvitamins.com

That was 11 Collagen Supplements and Where to Buy Them in Canada

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