8 Genius Non-Food Ways to Use Your Freezer

Using your freezer only to stash frozen pizza and ice packs? You're missing out.

Reopen sealed envelopes


To open a sealed envelope without ripping it to pieces, place it in a plastic bag and freeze for one to two hours. Take it out and immediately open with a knife or letter opener. Once it has reached room temperature, re-set the adhesive with moisture.

Make candles last longer


Place candles in the freezer for a day before burning to help them last nearly twice as long. Chilling the wax causes it to burn slower, and in some candles, also prevents dripping. By the way, here are some things you never knew your dishwasher could do, either.

Clean jeans without water


It can be nerve-wracking to wash a nice pair of jeans: There's no guarantee they won't shrink or fade. Instead, turn to the freezer when high-quality denim gets smelly. Place the jeans in a canvas bag and freeze overnight. Low temperatures kill bacteria from skin cells that cause odor. You might not throw your jeans in the washing machine after this, but you can totally clean these surprising things in your washing machine.

That was 8 Genius Non-Food Ways to Use Your Freezer

That Was 8 Genius Non-Food Ways to Use Your Freezer, Hopefully it's useful and you like it.

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